Friday, January 28, 2011

2.44 miles in 21:58

wow! Andrew K. showed up right at 5:00 this morning, ready to go! i'd left my garmin outside, so it was all linked up and ready to go.

we hit it hard at the beginning. our feet were flying over the chip-n-seal surface and a pretty good clip. at one point we hit 7:24/mile pace. that was probably too hard! we backed off and finished the first mile in 9:09.

the second mile felt slower, but it ended up being 9:10. how's that for consistent? our official stats for our time together: 2.02 miles in 18:28.

i walked andrew up to his house and then returned to our finish line. i ran from there back home, finishing the last .42 miles in 3:30. i wanted to run more this morning, but i wasn't feeling quite right, so i didn't. maybe i'll put in a mile or two at noon. it's supposed to get up to 70 today.
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