Friday, July 27, 2012

Around campus...

I did NOT get up at 4:00 today to go running with Adam! I slept in till 5:30 and ran by myself!

I started out with a short walk before proceeding to run an initial loop around the entire Friends University campus. I stayed mostly on the sidewalks as I ran, but ran short stints on the streets. Some where along the north side of the loop, just off campus, I tripped on a nasty crack in the walkway and dropped to the ground. Thankfully, I had time enough to react and roll and ended up with no more than a little scuff mark on my left hand and a bunch of grass on my back.

When I got back around to my starting point, I ran on and started running this way and that all over campus. I followed most of the sidewalks, running between buildings, up steps occasionally and around benches and flowerbeds. Aside from the high humidity, it was a really enjoyable run. (garmin data)
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