Thursday, July 26, 2012

Running with friends...

I met up with my friend Adam last night. He's the guy I'm running 100 miles with in November. I said, "Are you running in the morning?" Stupid question. Of course, he was. "What time?" I asked. "4:45." Seriously?! Ugh!! We figured out the meeting place and a little later, I talked another friend, Donnie, into running with us.

Donnie and I met at 4:20 and drove to our meet up with Adam and his friend, Andy. Adam, for the first time in years he said, was late. He actually overslept. We were waiting around for the guy who'd told us, "Don't be late! We start on time!"

He got there and we started running around 5:00. The first seven or eight miles felt great. We ran north to the rail trail and took it east to just under six miles before turning around. At the turn around our pace quickened. I still felt good until somewhere after mile eight. Then the bottom fell out. I started burping. I felt like I was going to puke. At mile nine, the rest of the crew decide it's time for a little tempo run and up the pace. I watched Andy and Donnie run away. Adam stayed with me.

When we got to Kellogg, I stopped and walked across the intersections before starting to run again. That actually helped a bit and I ran with more energy. I got to 11 mile, figured I'd had enough, so I stopped my Garmin and walked the last half mile or so back to the cars.

There we said our goodbyes and Donnie and I drove back to the conference center where we're staying. (garmin data)
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