Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ten more...

My goal for this week is to run at least 60 miles. That means I have to run at least 10 miles every day. I did 11 miles yesterday. I did a little over 10 today. I'm on track! Woohoo!

I ran close to home today. Starting out, my plan was to run north and south zigzagging my way slowly east and then run out on Maple, circle around by the cemetery and the zigzag east again toward home. The urgent need for a pit stop when I was less than three miles in threw that plan out the window. I had to go off course and return home or lose my dignity.

After my break which included a nice drink of water, I went back out and started running some of the little east-west side streets that I'd ignored earlier. Then I started working my way east again. At some point I decided to throw in a few alleyways. That led to another revision of my plan. I decided to run every street and alley east of Larimer. With a few repeated blocks, I did that and ended just north of my house. I walked a block or two to cool down, then came in for some much needed Gatorade. (garmin data)
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