Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy trails...

It had been over a week since my feet last slapped pavement, so I was ready to run when I woke up this morning. I laced up my Kinvara 2s and headed out the door.

I headed south on Edgeford first and continued on south on Howard to Sixth Street. My first idea was to run out to Lake Road on Country Club and run over to Highway 281 before returning home. Then as I was about to pass the trails near the sewage plant, my feet told me they wanted to run some trails. I ran past the guard tower while the snipers were looking the other way and enjoyed a nice little jaunt through the trees along the river. It was a beautiful morning to run in the woods. I borrowed the "facilities" when I came out and then left the way I'd come in. Not one sharpshooter took a shot at me.

Leaving the trails behind, I returned to my original route. I climbed up Country Club to Lake and then climbed up and over the little rise on Lake. Then it happened again! My feet turned me into the trails on the south edge of Lemon Park. There are little gaps in the trees along Lake Road, so it was as easy as anything to jump in. I once again found myself smiling as I weaved in and out of the trees and sped along the river.

I came off the trail and ran backward around the driving loop and Lemon, then headed to Sixth Street Park. I ran through the park and took the paved "trail" for a little till I found myself running north on Rochester. I skipped through the parking lot at the Dragon's Den and crossed the highway to Champa. From there a little twisting and turning brought me to 10K and my front porch.

After enjoying every minute of cycling last week, I wasn't sure how the return to running would go. I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. (garmin data)
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