Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sweaty trails...

I set out this morning with plans to run at least 10 miles, maybe 11. I figured I had plenty of time since I left before 6:00. I wanted to run a bunch of the miles on dirt, too, since most of the 100-miler I'm doing this fall will be on dirt roads. I thought through my options, puzzling over where the closest dirt roads were. Then I thought of my time on the trails yesterday and decided running the woods would be my best option.

I ran along the streets and through the hospital parking lot on my way to the paved trail through Sixth Street Park. I ran it, glancing a the new placards that identify some of the trees. Interesting. I turned the corner and ran down to Lemon Park where I took about half of the paved trail till it met up with the trails I was aiming for.

As I ran into the woods, I noticed the humidity immediately. It was muggy! Still, without the sun beating down on me, it wasn't all that bad at first. After a couple of miles though, it was almost unbearable. I was sweating like crazy and there was no breeze to evaporate it away. Ugh!

I gave up on the trails much sooner than I'd planned and headed back into town. I was still going to run seven or eight miles, but the longer I ran the more miserable the 71% wetness felt. I decided a block or two before Howard that I was done in. I ran through the Assembly of God parking lot and up the hill, across the highway and when I hit 6.5 miles, I stopped my feet and my Garmin. Finished. A short walk brought me home where blessed air conditioning cooled my dripping body. (garmin data)
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