Thursday, July 5, 2012

Can I have some O2?

After a good night's sleep at my brother's house, I was ready to test my lungs at altitude. I got a little mixed up getting out of the housing development, but eventually found my way to the running path I spotted when we drove in last night.

Running along the path was fun. Prairie dogs were everywhere, chirping at me, warning each other that a big, old guy was on his way.

I ran down the hill and around the corner before crossing the road to run in an open park across the way. I ran till I hit my first split in the trail and took a left. I was hoping there would be a loop. There was. I had a couple of rabbits run across the path less than five feet in front of me.

By the time I got back to the road and crossed it, I was getting kind of tired. I ran up the hill at a slightly slower pace and then ran back into the housing development. I stopped when the distance rolled over to four miles. That was enough for one day up here. I was pleased that I actually stayed under 9:00 pace. (garmin data)
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