Monday, August 29, 2011

2.66 miles in 21:31

i've had a pair of hi-viz orange kinvaras in my closet for weeks. they've been sitting there patiently awaiting the day when they could make their maiden voyage on the streets of pratt. they had to sit on the shelf until a product review had been completed. they were antsy, but bided their time.

today, the flash hit the streets. i must say, "wow! these things are comfortable!" i haven't run in new shoes for ages and these are tops! i kept looking down during the first mile. i was sub-7 minute pace almost every time. i thought i was going to come up with a new mile record, but just missed it.

it was hot while i was running. no doubt this was in part due to the heat generated as the earth reacted to the flash touching it's surface over and over. i ran south into sixth street park and then circled around.

i had to stop twice to walk i was so miserable from the near-90 temps. i was planning on running a 5K, but settled for a half mile short of that. 2.66 miles was enough for this maiden voyage.
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