Friday, August 19, 2011

in the wind

brandon and i swung back past dan's house just in case he'd gotten up and around. no such luck. the house and garage were still dark. his loss. we continued on and rode south on howard to get to sixth street and find our way out of town.

on country club, we stopped briefly to move a board out of the road and then continued on up the hill to lake road. we took lake road east to the lake and then climbed cook and gnad hills. i took the lead, giving brandon a good draft all the way up to the corner.

we rode on east to the church and turned around to head home. the wind wasn't as helpful on the way back as i would've liked it to be, but it was alright. i was pretty well spent when we hit highway 54 to head west into town. i just kept up with brandon and didn't push it much. i'd probably have died if dan had been along for the ride. he always pushes the pace.

we made it to town and through the doug reh valley and the hill following. we said our goodbyes at howard where i turned north and rode home. (17.04 @ 17.3mph)

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