Monday, August 22, 2011

5.02 miles in 46:58

i got home from my bike ride in time to go out for a run with my wife. the only problem was she wasn't up to a run. too tired. so i went out solo. i was planning to run around the outside edges of my quarter of town, but changed my mind and went north around the cemetery instead. i ran past the graveyard and to the highway where, on a whim, i decided to run through the pratt community college campus.

from pcc, i ran across a small bit of grass and then ran on the frontage road by the hotels and then back across the highway to maple. about this time, i started having intestinal issues that i thought might cut my run short. thankfully, they passed and i was able to keep running. i zigzagged a bit to get my five miles in and then stopped.

now my wife is up and might possibly be up for a run. we'll see.

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