Sunday, August 21, 2011

4.30 miles in 38:45

it was raining gently when i got up. nothing to fuss over when you've got miles to get in. i pulled on my gear and headed out to circle the town where my eldest will be spending the next few years of her life.

i ran east from the corner south of our friends' house and then headed north, zigging and zagging this way and that to get to the other side of town. i ran along the north edge of town and then dipped south. when i got to the main street along the south side of town, i turned west again to complete my circuit. when i ran past the college campus, i wondered how my daughter had slept on her first night in the dorm. i continued on and finished my loop in time to clean up before breakfast.

this run put me over 500 miles for the year.

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