Tuesday, August 2, 2011

solo again


dan was still unavailable and brandon's knee was bothering him this morning, so i rode solo for the second time since meeting dan three weeks ago. i decided to have a little fun and just ride wherever the wind blew me. i rode west on highway 54 and then, on a whim, turned and did a lap around lemon park. that completed, i rode out to lake road and took it out to the lake. i was going to do a lap around the lake then, but saw some cyclists riding south up the hill, so i chased them down. i rode past them and up to the stop sign and mike's before turning around and speeding back down the hill. at the hill's bottom, i took a lap around the lake, passing an older gentleman in a pickup who was circling the lake to honk and wave at his fishing buddies. from the lake i rode back out lake road, up and over the hills and then after a brief time on 281 did two more laps of lemon park before heading home. the best part of the ride: i had fun! (17.90 miles @ 17.7mph)
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