Monday, August 8, 2011

ethanol and other gases

after almost a week of no towing service, it was nice to have dan back this morning. the wind was out of the northeast, so dan, brandon and i took off to the northeast on highway 61. it was dark and cool when we started, light and cooler when we got back.

there was some really great paceline work going on for much of the ride. dan pulled the bottom half of most of the hills and i took over for the second half when i could. we rode past the ethanol plant on 30th and kept going straight across highway 281 on a county road i'd never traveled before. the road dead ended a few miles west and a little north at a methane producing feed lot. nice smell.

we turned around and rode at a leisurely pace for a little while, turning south on 281 and taking 20th back across to 61. we picked it up again riding south and then did crazy stuff on cemetery road. that's not the real name of the road, but it's what we call it.

from the cemetery we rode south on stout until brandon turned off one way and dan and i turned the other to ride home. we'll rest up a bit and go at it again tomorrow. (18.16 miles @ 18.4mph)

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