Saturday, August 27, 2011


dan and i hit the mean streets together this morning and neither of us pushed it too hard. we cruised along and talked most of the way out to cullison and back. we didn't see much wildlife (or tamelife for that matter) this morning. i remember a single bunny hopping across the road. a dog barked at us on our way through cullison. one truck passed us on old 54 on the way out and another on the way back.

the only excitement this morning came at what i thought was going to be our turn around spot in cullison. dan asked, "have you ever been to the end? it's a mile, mile and half south of here." i said, "no. let's go see." so we did. as we approached the end i started preaching, "repent! the end is near!" remember, repent just means turn around. dan just shook his head and kept riding toward eternal destruction. (22.51 @ 17.3mph)
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