Monday, August 29, 2011

iuka to the north

brandon and i spent almost our entire ride in the darkness today. fall is on its way!

we took terrace up to maple and then headed out to highway 61 where we turned north. not sure when google maps is going to update things so they actually know that maple goes to the highway. my map is an approximation of that small section.

the traffic on 61 was awful this morning. way too many people going to preston. we rode for about three miles on the edge of the road hoping everyone could see us before we turned west on 30th street to run up the hill past the ethanol plant.

we made it to highway 281 without any problems and turned north again. my legs were not feeling very good at this point, so i dropped back behind brandon for the trip to iuka. just before town, i actually got a little draft off my recumbant-bound friend. i had to duck really low, but it was there.

we took the bypass around iuka, circling around to head south into pratt. what should've been an easy cruise back into town wasn't. at least it wasn't for me. my legs were sore and unresponsive. i could accelerate at all.

we beat the train on the north edge of town, took maple east and then stout south before we parted at school street. brandon went west. i went east. i stopped the clock at just under and hour and packed everything up. (17.07 miles @ 17.2mph)
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