Monday, August 22, 2011

wet and windy

we got a little shower last night some time, so the roads were a little wet when dan and i headed out. we swung past brandon's. the lamp in the front room were on, but there wasn't any human activity, so after a brief wait, we went on.

we circled around the block and headed down stout. dan tripped the signal and we rode through and on down rochester to sixth street where we headed east before turning south on country club.

the climb up the hill at country club wasn't too bad nor was the eastward journey on lake road. the pain came when we turned south on 30th avenue. the wind was in our faces all the way up the long hill. my hams were not happy at all. they complained at every stroke. i ignored them. if you listen to their complaining, it'll only get worse.

we made it to the top of the hill and turned east on 30th street. avenues go north and south. streets go east and west. no you know. we rode out to glendale with only a minor struggle up the hill just past diamond's place.

we turned around at the church and headed back. the wind wasn't all that helpful until we turned north again. the speed was pretty nice all the way back to the lake then.

we went straight at the wildlife and parks intersection and rode back to country club. we took country club north to highway 54, climbed the little hill and turned again on howard and random to get us back home - a nice little ride at a leisurely pace. (17.65 @ 16.9mph)

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