Tuesday, August 9, 2011

evergreen out and back


you couldn't ask for a better day to ride - 68 degrees and no wind. beautiful! dan tore his legs up yesterday afternoon, so he was looking for a recovery ride this morning. that was fine with me. i was a bit sore from running 7.7 miles yesterday.

we - brandone was there too - rode north toward iuka and then turned east on 60th to go to the evergreen rest area. now, you'd never find this rest area. there aren't any "rest area ahead" signs to announce it's presence. it's just a bunch of evergreens where a cyclist in need can relieve himself. no one needed the break today, so we turned around and rode back.

as we were riding along we discussed setting up a time trial course on the road. dan was going to go out and paint mile markers on the road and then get people together to race. i thought we should do drag races too. i've always thought, win or lose, that would be fun. we'll see if we actually get it done.

time to get ready for work! have a great day, my friends! (21.56 miles @ 17.6mph)

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