Monday, March 15, 2010

blasted wind!

because of the blasted wind, the first 8.5 miles of today's ride took me 45 minutes. i was grinding it out in my small ring and barely maintaining 9mph at times. it was brutal.

when i turned east, things got much better. i covered the next seven miles or so in about 27 minutes. it was the cold that got to me on this stretch. my left hand's fingers were "burning" by the time i made it to conway springs.

when i reached main street and turned south, every bit of pain was forgotten. i was quickly up and over 20mph with the wind at my back. i pushed harder and harder as my legs recovered. for more than three miles i maintained over 30mph. i covered these eight miles in 17 minutes.

the final leg of my journey, the ride west, wasn't too bad. the wind threatened to push me into traffic. my legs tried cramping a bit. but i made it back to the house in about 25 minutes. i gained my final tenth of a mile per hour in the final quarter mile, pulling my average up from 11.2mph at the end of the first leg to 16.0mph at ride's end. (30.59 miles @ 16.0mph)
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