Wednesday, March 31, 2010

time trial torture

woke up this morning around 4:30. i thought to myself, "do i want to reach my 800th mile for the month now or go back to sleep and get it later." i only needed eight miles to get it. i decided that i'd check the weather and if the wind was going to be a lot worse later, i'd get dressed and ride. "otherwise," i told myself, "i'm going back to bed." i checked the weather. 57 degrees with a 9mph southwesterly breeze. the wind was going to be a little bit stronger around noon, so i got dressed to ride.

my plan was to get a good hard ride in to start the world 20K time trial challenge out right. so from the first stroke until the last, i was pushing hard. my quads had that mildly painful LT burn to them the entire 42 minutes. it was worse at times than others, but it was always there. i just set my jaw and worked it out.

i did not gain any advantage from large descents. i gained nothing from semis offering a draft. in fact, only two semis passed me the entire time and they both were going the opposite direction and their wake nearly knocked me off the road. less than ten vehicles of any kind passed in either direction.

when i got back and the clock was stopped, i had to ride for several minutes to keep my quads from seizing. i spun in a low gear and recovered before pulling into the garage and parking. since my cateye had decided to take a vacation on this ride, i had to wait until i got inside, mapped my route and added in the time to see that i'd missed 20mph by just a tic. my 22mph goal is going to take a herculean effort and the perfect conditions. i have to keep telling myself that interval training is going to do it. it had better because this pain can't be for nothing. (13.96 miles @ 19.9mph)
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