Monday, March 22, 2010

Sno-cones for Jesus?

My wife and I took in the Winter Jam concert at the new Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita on March 21. We had a great time. Enjoyed the music, the atmosphere, the message that everyone shared: “Jesus loves you and you need him in order to be saved!”

During the concert,
Tony Nolan spoke briefly with the crowd. He made a clear gospel presentation, speaking the truth about sin and what Jesus did to take care of it. While he was speaking, a vendor walked by our seats. "Sno-cones!" he called out. "Sno-cones!" Over and over he offered his tasty treats while Tony was preaching.

It struck me as odd. Selling flavored ice for $5 while the incredible good news is preached? How strange! How distracting! How likely is that to happen?

Pretty likely evidently. Jesus told a story about a farmer who planted seeds. Some of the seeds fell on a path. Others on rocky ground. Still more among thorns. Only a few fell on good soil.

Jesus later explained this parable to his followers. When he got to the seed that fell among thorns he said that these seeds represented those who hear the good news and are distracted by worldly concerns. They get distracted and never really get around to following Jesus.

Following Jesus requires just a simple affirmation of faith. It requires your whole being. If you want to grow in your faith, you have to give yourself, lock, stock and barrel to your Savior, making him Lord of your life.

Are you distracted? Ask God today to take those things out of your life that keep you from producing fruit in your life.

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