Wednesday, March 24, 2010

clocked at 18mph

funny thing happened to me on my ride today! as i dropped down black dog hill, i noticed a small dark-colored car pulled off at osborn. as i approached it, i noticed the low-profile light bar on the top. a highway patrolman checking folks' speed as they came over the crest of nine-mile hill! just before i came alongside of his car, i noted his open window and passing shouted, "how fast am i going?" about twenty meters later, i heard him over his PA, "18mph!" i gave him a thumbs up. that was exactly what my computer read at the moment. pretty crazy, huh?

now for the ride itself. after riding intervals yesterday, i decided a medium to hard sustained effort was in order, so i tried my best to maintain a steady push on the pedals throughout. there were times when my legs argued. i just channeled jens and said, "shut up legs!" occasionally i had to stand - mostly to stretch my quads - but most of the time i remained seated and gutted it out.

my pace outbound was around 16.8mph. turning, i gained just a little speed from the wind. i ended at 17.3mph. i waved at the officer as i came back by him. as i climbed back up black dog hill, a glance over my shoulder revealed red and blue christmas lights flashing for a car that had stumbled into his trap.

best thing about today: i didn't get wet! with a 70% chance of rain predicted, i'm pretty happy about that. here's hoping tomorrow's 50% chance doesn't get me. (22.01 miles @ 17.3mph)
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