Friday, March 26, 2010

sneaking into the wind

got home from work and asked my youngest if she'd like to go for a ride around town. she'd done that with me a few weeks ago so she was ready to go.

we headed south, "sneaking" into the wind, zigzagging block by block to avoid a constant headwind. please understand that the wind is gale force this afternoon - 10-20mph with gust up over 30mph. we zigged over to see a friend of hers and then finished up the loop.

when we rode back past the house, she turned off and i took another longer loop. i ended up riding down the the river and back and returning via the new housing development on the north side of town. floyd and i hadn't ridden that fast in years.

made it in the house right at 6:00 when i went on call. whew! (9.04 miles @ 11.9mph)
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