Tuesday, March 2, 2010

flying to harper

i worked today like i hadn't worked in ages. my legs were pistons from the first stroke until the last, keeping a steady rhythm, firing and firing and firing again. cato and i were one as we flew down the road. it was 42 degrees!

the trip out was a hard push into a westerly wind. not an overly strong wind, but an almost directly "in-your-face" wind that pushed back every time i spun my pedals. with a few strategic mental tricks to keep me going, i made it to the far side of harper with a 17.1mph average. take that wind!

then i turned and cranked up the speed. i leaped up to 20.0mph immediately with the wind at my back and never saw anything lower than that the entire way home. i stood when i felt weak and my speed threatened to drop. i powered over l'alpe d'anville at 21.0mph. i joyfully rounded the corner for the final quarter mile without slowing a bit. only when i sat up and clicked out did i drop to 17.0mph then to 16.0mph then to a stop. my cyclometer read 19.0mph, but there were small glitches during the ride. the adjusted speed was 19.1mph.

wish there had been someone to share my ride today. imagine the pace we could've maintained had we been able to rest in each other's draft! someday! (31.87 miles @ 19.1mph)
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