Wednesday, March 31, 2010

bottom buster

needed a nice easy recovery ride after this morning's time trial attempt. kind of bummed that i got the start date wrong on that one. the challenge starts tomorrow, so my 19.9mph finish won't even be a part of that. oh, well. there'll be another before the may 1 end date.

it's been awhile since i headed south on a ride. i had forgotten how bumpy the road is in that direction. with my tires aired up to time trial pressure, it wasn't exactly fun hitting the dips and cracks. it was a real bottom buster.

didn't push at all on this ride. relaxed spinning out and back. back was pretty fun. riding along at or above 20mph with little effort. i even hit a relaxed 32.5mph cruising down tracy hill.

the weather was almost perfect. 67 degrees when i left. 74 when i got back. first time i put on sunscreen this year. first time i hit bugs. only the third or fourth time i rode with shorts only and a short sleeved jersey.

i'm done for the day. intervals again tomorrow if i'm up to it. 20 miles with my friend, bruce, the rubber chicken. see the "foolish 4x5" challenge for more on that. (13.14 miles @ 15.3mph)
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