Saturday, March 6, 2010

o'dark hundred

no one should be allowed to have as much fun as i did at o'dark hundred this morning. i got up at 5:00am and was out the door and on the road before 5:15am. my redneck headlight worked well...for the most part. unanticipated problems included the pivot on the head dropping to two feet in front of me on the bumpy streets of argonia, the light shining up into the trees early on, the rubberband breaking somewhere around halfway through the ride and having to hold on the the flashlight from time to time. other than that, it worked like a charm. better than some commercial headlights, i'm sure.

the riding itself was really enjoyable. traffic was light this morning. i was passed by five cars in nine miles on the way out and seven on the way back. (no, i am not going to trade anyone traffic patterns.) i couldn't obsess over speed or time or anything since i couldn't see my cyclometer. so i just enjoyed looking around at the farmyard lights and staring at the pavement as it moved into view. the weather was perfect too. 51 degrees with a windchill of 50. the wind was strong, but not as bad as it will be later in the day. (17.82 miles @ 16.4mph)
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