Wednesday, March 10, 2010

sore thumbs

my thumbs are sore. i rubbed them raw trying to get a new tire on my rear rim. after yesterday's flat, i looked over my tire and found some nearly bald spots and decided it was time for a change. so i wrestled and fought with the new tire until it was on. then i had a pinch flat. grrrr.

when i finally had a good tube and tire on, i headed out the door. my legs were pretty much toast from yesterday's hard rides, so i took it easy. i spun on the hills and pushed only when my quads said it was okay. that wasn't very often.

the wind was a bit of a factor again this morning. it was from the northeast and a bit cold. but warmer weather is becoming more and more the norm, so i'm not complaining. my average temp for the year - 31.62 degrees - is actually nearing the freezing point!

my daughter plays in the state basketball tournament tonight, so i won't be getting in an afternoon ride today. if they win tonight, afternoon rides are out for the rest of the week. but next week is vaction. lots of miles are coming! can't wait! (20.10 miles @ 16.6mph)
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