Tuesday, March 16, 2010

zig-zagging around

the best laid plans of mice and mike go awry!

i got up and headed to lawrence with every intention of riding the ironman kansas bike route this morning. i weaved in and out of traffic in my van, hurrying toward my destination. i arrived, opened the hatch and discovered that someone (probably me) had unloaded the bag that held my helmet, gloves, skull cap, etc. i thought for a moment about riding without these things, but it was really cold and windy and i'm not really keen on leaving my head unprotected, so i closed the trunk and headed back to my mom and dad's place.

i no longer had time to ride the ironman route, so i found my helmet bag and, fully dressed, set out.

normally when i'm in eudora, i ride one of a few loops that take me either to lawrence and back or somewhere close to that. i was not in the mood for a simple circle today, so i planned out in my head a zig-zagging route that would add miles and keep my interest.

i took the biggest, nastiest uphill as early as i could in the ride and then meandered about the countryside, taking a small dip into lawrence once and through eudora twice. rather than describe every twist and turn, i'll map it for you.

i arrived safely home and am ready to eat lunch and then head to olathe to watch 'alice in wonderland' in IMAX 3-D! (39.22 miles @ 16.2mph)
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