Saturday, March 27, 2010

riding with cato

got my work done with a few minutes to spare before going on call tonight, so i suited up and headed to the garage intending to ride floyd a few times around town. but when i got there cato insisted on going out. he didn't want the wind to think that it had won this morning. since cato is a bike trained to attack me in my sleep, i listened to him.

we headed out and had to fight hard against the wind to make the first quarter mile north in less than two minutes. we turned east and rode out three miles before turning around. cato had chosen the wrong direction. the wind was in our face for return journey. but we showed the wind what we were made of. we rode hard.

we got back to town and had a few minutes to spare, so we rode on to the west, turning around at blackstone road. we raced home, pulling in with just a minute and a half to spare.

so i'm nine miles closer to my new goal for the month - 800 miles. sixty-one to go! (8.94 miles @ 15.7mph)
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