Saturday, June 11, 2011

3.10 miles in 23:19

arriving back after a week of painting our new home in pratt at midnight, i wasn't sure what to expect at this morning's race. i was stiff and sore when i got up. my stomach was having issues. i was sure i'd never PR.

my wife and i ran up to the school about twenty minutes before race time. (it's awesome to have a race in your own town!) we checked in and then stretched out a bit. i ran a partial lap around the school to test out my legs and lungs. i was still pretty sure the day wasn't going to be special.

at 8:00, we gathered at the starting line and listened to final instructions. not sure how many of us there were, but 57 had signed up. a few were missing.

finally, at 8:04 it was ready, set, go! i took off with a bunch of kids sprinting around me. it was crazy! i had to yell at some of them who thought the route was going out onto the highway. they made the turn and i took the lead. that was the last time anyone was ahead of me. (i must say, small town races held on the day of big races nearby are the best chance most of us have at anything like this!)

i was feeling good, so i looked down at my garmin. i was shocked! i was running at 6:01 pace! for the first mile almost every time i took a peek, my pace was sub-7:00. normally, i'd be puking at the speeds i was doing. i finished the first mile in 6:57. the fastest first mile in any race i've ever done! it was amazing!

my second and third miles weren't quite as amazing as the first one, but they were still pretty quick. all of them were sub-8:00. i struggled for a little bit in the third mile, but pulled through.

i crossed the finish line in 22:33 and kept running. my garmin only showed three miles and i wanted a 5K PR! i ran on up and around the corner again and hit stop at 3.1 miles. my time? 23:19! my old PR was 23:44! i kissed 25 seconds goodbye!
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