Wednesday, June 8, 2011

naming hills

had a great time exploring the country roads to the south of town this morning. i climbed some of the nasty hills going that way. i even named a few of them. on lake drive i climbed nash hill, which made me gnash my teeth, and kramer hill. mailboxes give names when other ideas fail me. on 30th street or avenue, don't remember which, going south from the lake, there's cook hill and then gnad hill. east on 30th avenue or street - see why there was confusion? - there is that 1 hill and acid hill. acid hill was named for the burn of lactic acid in my quads as i climbed it. it almost got the name, "wish i'd seen those stupid dogs before i climbed it" hill, but the dogs ignored me, so acid hill works. i'm going to try to ride to coats tomorrow morning. anyone in the pratt area up for an early morning ride? (21.60 miles @ 15.6mph)
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