Friday, June 24, 2011

trying for rain

i've done all i can do now to bring the rain short of carrying an umbrella to work. i've prayed for rain and i've ridden my bike 25 miles with dark clouds looming on the horizon the whole time. still no rain.

my ride this morning was amazing. after yesterday's lazy "stroll", i had the energy in my legs to hammer a little. i rode south of town into a light ESE wind. the clouds off to the west were ominous. i was fully prepared to get a little wet. i picked it up after two or three miles and zoomed along the road keeping constant pressure on the pedals, pushing my heart and lungs. i was still aerobic, but was close to the edge.

i hit the 8-mile mark at highway 44 and turned east. i still had time to ride a few more miles. i wanted at least 20, so i figured i could get at least two more in before i had to turn around. turns out my legs carried me four and half more miles toward the sunrise before i forced them to let me turn around.

headed back west, my speeds picked up. the wind, light as it was, gave just a little push. i love it when that happens. the trip north was much the same. a tailwind to make life pleasant.

somewhere around the five or six miles to go mark, i got into a little race with myself. i'd just seen my time on the last mile and decided to see if i could beat the time i'd just viewed. i did it and then did it again and again for the next few miles. i finally "lost" to a mile when i had to ride on the flats after descending tracy hill. my tracy hill mile was 2:32. my flat mile afterward: 2:37. when i saw i'd lost by five seconds, i sat up and spun my way home.

a super fun ride...wish you'd been there to enjoy it with me. (25.00 miles @ 18.0mph)
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