Wednesday, June 29, 2011

first ride as a prattan

my garmin battery was dead when i pulled it out this morning, so i grabbed my stopwatch and headed out on the road. i headed south into the wind down howard and after a couple of turns, hit country club road and it's hills. woohoo! (passed someone from my new church out running just before i started climbing. hi roxie!)

i rode south as far as the pavement went, then turned west on 30th and headed over to 281. i took 281 south to 60th and then turned around to head back to town.

rather than turn on 30th and retrace my route back home, i rode straight down into pratt on 281, then turned east on 6th street. i turned north on commodore, hoping for a different way home, but i ran into the backside of the hospital and had to turn east to get around it. the next street was howard, so i just rode back up howard and around to my starting point on edgeford. home! (14.67 miles @ 16.6mph)
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