Saturday, June 25, 2011

ten times the pain

the wind was back this morning. yippee. i started to ride south into it, but couldn't muster the mental fortitude needed to go teeth first against a gale. i turned around, rode to the highway and headed east.

just before the two-mile mark on this ride, i realized it had been awhile since i'd done intervals. i guess enough time had elapsed that i'd forgotten the pain, because i decided to give them a whirl this morning. don't ask me how i can lack the mental want to for a headwind and then choose intervals. it's inexplicable.

i did five quarter-mile sprints with 3/4 mile "rest" between each of them, spun it out and got my heart rate under control for three miles and then did five more all-out efforts on the miles. whew! that was crazy!

i finished the ride with a leisurely spin into town, taking main street south and then circling around to home. (15.38 miles @ 16.1mph)
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