Friday, June 10, 2011

first ride to cullison

a cold front came through last night, so it was cool when i went out this morning. if i'd been at home, i'd probably have pulled on a jacket when i felt the air, but i didn't have that option.
i wanted to ride to cullison and back to see how that ride would be. i plan to make it a regular route when we move here, so i had to check it out. i was a little concerned about the wind, thinking i might have to deal with a headwind coming back, but i was committed. turns out the wind was my friend today and cooperated with my wish for an easier return journey.
when i started out this morning, i was shocked at how far i could ride on brick streets. the brick starts a few blocks from our house and goes all the way to the west edge of town. on the way back, i checked the distance on the bumpy stuff...1.75 miles!
well, it's 10.5 miles out to the stop sign in cullison. perfect for summer rides if the wind cooperates. can't wait to ride it again...maybe with a friend.
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