Friday, June 3, 2011

repeat day repeat day ride

ugh! that's what this ride elicits from me when i think back on it. there was no pop in my legs. no shazam! it was all i could do to keep moving. ugh! (i repeat myself because today, according to my calendar, is "repeat day repeat day".)

i rode out to sharon's house to begin with. some of you might remember sharon from the bicycle "theft" incident last year. she was the one who picked me up and took me back to town when i had a flat south of town. i went back and couldn't find it, assumed it was stolen and called the sheriff's office, the national guard and the marines. then sharon found my bike up the road a bit further than i thought it was. false alarm.

i stopped and left my bike at the end of her driveway and started running. after running 10K - 5K twice, really - i got back on my bike and rode back to town. then i rode out to sharon's and back again because, well, you's "repeat day repeat day"! i hate this day! good thing it's donut day too! (13.86 miles @ 13.7mph)
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