Thursday, June 30, 2011

meeting dan

i gave out my first business card at the end of today's ride. i gave it to a fellow cyclist i'd met out in the middle of nowhere south of town. let me tell you how i got to where dan and i met.

i took off this morning, knowing i needed to ride west and south into the wind so my ride home would be pleasant. what did i do? i rode east and north. silly man! i figured out after a few blocks that i was headed the wrong direction, so i turned west and zigzagged my way across town. i wanted to hit the side road out of town. i got there eventually, but i'd never noted what street i needed to take, so there was a little hit and miss before i found 5th street and the road i wanted.

i rode out past skyline school where my wife was hired yesterday and connected there with old highway 50. i rode it to 50th and turned south. i'd wanted to explore this road a bit, so i cruised along discovering beautiful rolling hills and a dog. thankfully the dog was the live and let live type. he just watched me roll by.

when i hit 50th and 50th, i turned around and headed back toward town. that's when i met dan. we slowed down to meet up and he decided to escort me back to town. he'd just left the other dan, the one i met when i was here on vacation, so we decided to try to catch him. we didn't, but we had a great time riding along at something north of 20mph most of the way back to town.

when we crossed the city limits, we wound our way back toward my house. we rode past several cyclists' houses and even stopped in to meet brandon. he, dan and i are going to ride together tomorrow morning at 6:00. better set an alarm!

so that's how i got to meeting a new friend and handing out my first business card. (23.98 miles @ 17.1mph)
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