Saturday, June 4, 2011

5.25 miles in 40:41

after floyd, my mountain bike, started things off with a fast first mile, the green swarm took over and dominated. floyd may have covered the 5.25 miles faster, but the green swarm finished stronger. floyd set the route ever time and the green swarm answered. my goal was to keep my green swarm going at a sub-8 pace and they came through! there were moments when the pace slipped, but with the green swarm's help, i recovered every time. i'd tell you what my splits were on each mile, but i forgot to turn off auto-lap, so the numbers on each lap are not helpful. the green swarm made floyd look like a recovery machine. they may have taken longer to finish each loop, but they were definitely stronger. the green swarm loses only in the pack mule and foot protection categories. i didn't carry a drink with me on each mile in them and they hit a sharp rock that, with their thin soles, made me wince.
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