Thursday, June 2, 2011

i found the corners of my mouth drifting up more and more often as this morning's amazing adventure went on. i made careful observation of my surroundings as i rolled along. what i saw and heard and felt was amazing. it's "rocky road day", so i took my mountain bike out on the dirt roads south of town. i rode all over the place, taking in roads i hadn't been on in months. i even went on a road i'd never been on before. the dead end sign had always kept me away. it was amazing! my favorite sighting? the 32th avenue sign at the end of the road. 32th? hilarious! do you pronounce that "thirty-tooth" or "thirty-secondth"? here's garmin data to show you where i went -! i have extra miles on this post because a trip to the library last night is included. (22.09 miles @ 12.0mph)
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