Friday, June 3, 2011

6.20 miles in 58:04

ugh! this was a slug fest. i started running right off my bike and my legs were already feeling like lead. no zip in them at all! ugh! (i repeat myself because today is "repeat day repeat day". never heard of it? me neither. but it's on my calendar.)

i ran up the "hill" from sharon's house (if you don't know who sharon, don't worry about it!) on the beautiful dirt surface. with each mile i got slower. this is not the way to do it right. i'm just reporting what happened. i turned around at 1.55 miles and returned to sharon's house where i ditched my shirt. it was too muggy for confinement.

my shirt deposited on my bike's handlebars, i repeated the same 5K, running up the "hill" from sharon's, turning around when my total hit 4.65 miles and running back down the hill. i hit the 10K mark just past my bike, returned to the wheeled contraption, pulled my shirt, helmet and gloves back on and rode away.
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