Monday, June 20, 2011

in your face, hurricane!

i'm especially thankful for one thing this morning. i'm thankful that Bryan J. and i did not choose today for our "man up" ride. the wind would've killed us for sure. i can't say that the weatherman didn't warn me. the national weather service has issued a wind advisory for today. it's in effect until 7:00 tonight. wow! i seriously have not had to deal with this kind of crazy wind in awhile. i was nearly knocked over a couple of times and it was a constant fight to keep off the road or out of the ditch. why do i go out on days like this? it's fun! my children unplugged my garmin so they could charge their mp3 players, so less than 10 minutes into this ride i had no gps info. grrrrr! (15.92 miles @ 13.6mph)
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