Saturday, March 19, 2011

12.79 miles in 2:04:15

i had a great first half marathon today. woke up way too early, but knew i couldn't go back to sleep, so i got out of bed. made it to lawrence with about an hour to spare. plenty of time to pick up my packet and debate, music or no music. i chose music. good thing too. trail running isn't very social.

it was a chilly 39 degrees when we started, but as soon as we dropped into the trees, i warmed up nicely. by the end of the first five miles, i ditched my coat at the aid station.

since this was an out and back, reverse directions out and back, reverse directions out and back course, i got to see almost everyone on the course two or three times. that was fun. cheered on the faster and slower runners.

there were a few other dailymilers in the pack, but we didn't figure out who each other were until we reconnected online. kind of bummed about that. i did get to say hi to Laurie E. since she was the race organizer. we got a picture taken together. i'll post it.

more report later. this is all i have time for now.
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