Tuesday, March 1, 2011

6.20 miles in 52:57


jon showed up right at 5:30 this morning. i was ready and out the door before he got to my driveway, so we walked a couple of blocks so he could get his breath and then started in our 2-miler. we ran around the outskirts of the north side of town with a little dip down to the south to make up for the walked blocks. our first mile was done in 7:55, the second in 7:45. pretty good for a couple of amateurs. we passed four other runners, a pack of ladies early in our first mile. thankfully there was no snow on the ground so they had nothing to attack us with.

we walked two blocks to cool down and then, on a whim, i decided to run jon back to his house. when we got to the railroad tracks, a train was coming, so we had to pick up our pace to make it a cross. we were over the first set of tracks when the bells started dinging. i said, "don't trip," and then scuffed my toe. jon laughed.

we made it to his house and i kept going south. i ran back over the main street and just as i was turning off main to circle around bryana drive, the ladies showed up again. i thought i'd catch up with them on my way back north, but i never did. i spotted them one more time as they were walking their cool down.

somewhere along in all this, i decided to make today a 10K. i just kept running and running. i wasn't very fast at times, but i kept moving. when i figured i could beat the skinny kid again if i picked it up again, i pushed myself to finish strong. the clock stopped just shy of 53:00. that's a full 10 seconds per mile faster than i ran the 10K back in october and just short of a new PR. woohoo!
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