Monday, March 21, 2011

6.50 miles in 1:01:29

i didn't sleep all that well the night after my half marathon. i just couldn't get my muscles to behave. they were sore and crampy. it was awful. then all day yesterday, i had to rub them to work out the lactic acid. i tried jogging just a little. couldn't do it. i could just walk, so i did. went out with my family for a slow walk in the evening before the ku game. came back and watched the jayhawks win against illinois. went to bed happy and slept the whole night through.

when i woke up, i got around slowly. i pulled on my running gear one piece at a time, snooping around facebook and dailymile as i did so. i'd taken the whole day off the internet yesterday, so i had a little catching up to do. two new friend requests, twenty notifications here, fourteen there. i took a lazy hour gearing up.

when i was finally ready, i headed out from my parents house, intending to run around three or four miles. i ran through their housing development and then out into the country. there are tons of hills here, rolling up and then down in rapid succession. gave me a good workout before i'd even run two miles.

when i reached the intersection before the bridge over highway 10, i made a quick decision to run into eudora rather than turn and make a short loop. as i made my way north into town, i was passed by dozens of cars driven by teens on their way back to school after spring break. the road i was on is the back way to the high school.

once i was in town, i ran here and there until i was back on church street headed south. i ran along the sidewalk as long as it was there and then ran the soft gravel shoulder when cars were headed toward me. that was a lot more often than a car would've come by in argonia.

as i approached the first entrance to my parents' housing development, i glanced at my garmin and decided i needed to go on south to the next turn to get in a 10K. i did that and then turned west and north to finish out my run. i made it back to the corner i'd started from and spotted my mom just leaving for her morning walk. i pushed on to 6.5 miles and then stopped to walk with her for my cool down. we walked around the development talking about life and moving and stuff. it was nice.
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