Saturday, March 5, 2011

from piano lessons to home

the title i gave this workout is a bit deceiving. it should say from what was supposed to be piano lessons for my eldest daughter to home, because evidently i messed up and the piano teacher wasn't there. oops! so as i'm riding out of town, my daughter passes me in our car. i am in so much trouble. i think i will hide.

the ride from wellington to home could've been much more enjoyable had the wind been out of the east instead of out of the west. the sun kept things warm enough, but i couldn't get much speed even when i pushed hard. it drove me nuts until i decided to quit trying so hard and just enjoy the scenery. brown grass and leafless trees are kind of nice to look at once in awhile.

anyway, i made it home and now i've got to get ready to go to my middle daughter's sub-state championship game at 6:00. can't wait! (21.49 miles @ 14.6mph)
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