Thursday, March 10, 2011

snooping around danville

i overslept this morning. not too surprising since i was up past midnight coming home from the girls state basketball tournament in hays, kansas. our first-seed lady raiders won convincingly against eighth-seed bern. it was awesome!

when i finally got up, i dressed for cold-weather riding (it was 27F and windy) and headed out on the highway. really didn't feel like pushing it much today, so i put it in cruise mode and rode out to danville.

i was planning to ride out 10 miles, but, believe it or not, i saw travis, my dog enemy, and decided not to go play "see if i can keep from getting knocked over by this crazy beast" with him. instead i turned into danville on a street i'd never attempted on my road bike. why, you ask, have i never attempted said road? simple. it's covered in sand and 700x23 tires don't like sand. thankfully, the surface beneath the sand was solid enough and i only had one slide out along the way. since i was in new territory, i went ahead and circled around danville several times before heading back toward argonia.

at the bottom of l'alpe d'anville, the railroad overpass, i decided to see how fast i could sprint up the hill. i jumped out of the saddle and rocked it up the hill. it was insanely fun!

when i'd gone about two miles back to the east, i realized i had enough time for a few more miles, so i rode back to danville, rocketing up and over l'alpe d'anville again. that brought a smile to my face...or was that a grimace. it was a bit painful, but not too bad. i rode a loop through danville again and then headed back home for good, taking it easy most of the way, but cranking up the power over the final pass of l'alpe d'anville and on the straightaway between curves close to home. i hit my max speed of 26.9mph on that stretch. (22.15 miles @ 15.5mph)
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