Wednesday, March 9, 2011

4.04 miles in 32:35

i enjoyed two really good runs this morning. the first was my pre-breakfast run. after mixing up some baked oatmeal and setting it in the oven, i took off for a quick two miles (2.01 to be exact) around the north side of town. since everything is kind of wet after yesterday's rain storm, i decided to stay on paved streets and avoid the gravel on the far eastern edge of town. i cruised right along, feeling good up until the very end where i got just a hint of nausea. i finished these miles in 15:55, giving me a decent 7:55 pace.

after breakfast, i took another run. i was planning to do the same route in reverse, but messed up on one of the turns and ended up running out on the gravel i had avoided earlier. since i was off course, i decided to take the loop further out and took in the new housing division north of the highway. i was going to swing around the high school, but when i turned onto the street that runs in front of it, i figured i'd hit the two-mile mark near my house if i just went straight, so straight i went. i pressed stop just beyond the 4-mile (total) mark and got myself inside out of the cold wind. the second 2.03 miles was done in 16:40. that's an 8:12 pace for the second loop. final overall pace, 8:03. not bad.
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