Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2.00 miles in 16:01

i wanted to do more speed work after breakfast than this, but i had a fecal emergency just as i was about to get started. i took care of business and finished up the paper work and then i was ready to run.

i started out with a 5-minute warm up at 8:34 pace before the fartleks began. once my warm up was finished, my initial push began. i jumped up to 7:30 pace for a minute and then put in a big push up to 6:40 pace for 30 seconds. i backed off then to 8:34 for a minute and a half and then another 7:30 for a minute, 6:40 for 30 seconds push. after another 90 second rest at 8:34, i did my final fartlek. i ran at 7:30 for a minute, 6:40 for 30 seconds and then at 6:00 pace for another 30 seconds. i backed off to 7:30 for 30 seconds and finally finished off with a minute at 7:30 before dropping the incline from 2% down to 0% and cooling down at 8:34 for a couple of minutes. i stopped at #2 miles.

so, i guess, everything came out all right in the end. i'm completely wiped out though. time to clean up and head for work.
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