Tuesday, March 22, 2011

9.58 miles in 1:32:02


i didn't wake up until around 7:00 this morning. ah, vacation is great! i got out of bed, dressed, checked the "march miles madness" challenge to see what i needed to do to get into the top 20 and headed out on the streets of my parents' housing development. my plan from the get go was to run every section of street at least once.

it was a muggy 63 degrees out and the wind was crazy! it took me awhile to warm up, but i kept going. i ran a little over two miles to begin with, covering less than half the streets, when i had an urgent need to see a man about a horse. i ran back to my parents' house and took care of business, then headed out again.

my second outing was much more pleasant. i finished off all the remaining streets and circled around to my starting point. i stopped my garmin at 8.08 miles and went inside. breakfast wasn't quite ready and my wife wasn't prepared to run, so i went back out and ran a loop around the perimeter of the development, adding 1.5 miles.

the waffles were ready when i got back, so i stuffed my face with peanut-buttery and syrupy goodness. now i'm waiting for my wife to get dressed to run. we're going to put in a couple of miles and then clean up and leave for home where we're planning to spend the rest of our week off.
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