Thursday, March 10, 2011

5.42 miles in 50:48

after work it was 58 degrees outside. i had to run. i called my wife to see if she'd like to run. she said, "give me 30 minutes," so i decided to run a bit before she got home. i ran a little hard at first and so slowed down in the middle of the run. i have yet to master the art of negative splits. drives me crazy! anyway, i ran around town, taking sidewalks and running on the grass in places, creating a brand new route as i went. my overall pace was 8:14.

i rested for just a bit after my solo run and then headed out with my wife. we warmed up with a 5-minute run and then hit the gas. since my wife is working on week five of the couch to 5K program, we ran 5 minutes, walked 3, ran 8, walked 3 and ran 5. at one point, we were running at 8:38 pace, quite a feat for my wife who used to only run at around 10:00 pace. our average, with the walking, was a decent 11:04 pace. really enjoyed the company!
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