Friday, March 4, 2011

the wind is crazy!

the wind is crazy! yesterday i dealt with a strong southeast wind in the morning and an even stronger northwest wind at noon. this morning i woke up to a strong northeast wind. i guess southwest will be next.

i was planning to run this morning, but the cycling bug's bit me and i dressed in cycling garb instead of running gear. since i was dressed and ready to go and because cycling shoes are not conducive to running, i went for a ride.

it was really slow going today, in part because of the wind, in part because of my brain. i just wasn't all there. i rode along in a trance, paying little attention to the road or my speed. that's easy to do in the dark when there's nothing to see.

so i rode a little over 20 miles before breakfast and added a sixish ride afterward. it was a chilly 39 degrees. can't wait for spring to really get here. (26.31 miles @ 14.3mph)
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